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Preparation for the annual revision due at 1 March 2015 of all three underlying funds being the Sanlam Umbrella Pension Fund, the Sanlam Umbrella Provident Fund and the Sanlam Futura Umbrella Retirement Fund is running according to plan. All our supporting consultants and participating employers will receive an electronically distributed written communication before the end of January 2015 detailing the client-specific changes to operating expenses and risk premiums (where applicable). Our intention is to ensure all our consultants are empowered to discuss any impact of the revision exercise with their own clients. The following is an approximate time-table of communication you can expect: 16 January – E-mail communication to all Contracted Benefit Consultants and Contracted Financial Advisors with a link to their own clients’ revision statements 30 January – E-mail communication to every participating employer with a link to their own revision statement effective from 1 March 2015 (including Futura participating employers) If for whatever reason you do not receive any of the communication intended for you, please query it with our Fund Secretariat as early as possible in February.