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Understanding the differences between saving and investing

Why South Africans should do more than just save their money. With one of the lowest savings rates in the world according to the South African Reserve Bank, a greater focus has been placed on encouraging ordinary...

The Volatility Protection Strategy

The 2015 Trustee Report mentions that one of the identified actions for next year is to review the Volatility Protection Strategy with the aim of identifying possible improvements to benefit members. The following...

What to make of volatility in share prices

In the light of the very volatile investment markets in recent months, we thought it would be appropriate to ask our Fund’s appointed investment consultants for their thoughts. Read more

Consulting fees and annual revision process

Our team is hard at work preparing for the Sanlam Umbrella Fund’s annual revision process due at 1 March 2016. Further details of the scheduled timelines for the communication will be published in next...


If innovation is the panacea for South Africa’s retirement savings woes, then a radical rethink is long overdue. Read the rest of the article here as published in Cover on 1 August 2015