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Updated Futura Product Guide

We have pleasure in releasing the new edition of the Sanlam Futura Product Guide. This edition reflects all the latest changes including the T-Day changes and 2016 annual revision of administration fees and contingency...

Are you taking care of your future?

According to retirement expert and MD of Mr Retirement, Brian Spanier-Marson, 64% of all pensioners are forced to cut back on living expenses when they retire… Read the rest of the article as published in FA News...

Submission of amendments

The Administration team needs sufficient notice in order to implement an amendment… Read more

Change to Sanlam Blue Investment Strategy

Feedback from our clients and supporting intermediaries indicated that the Sanlam Blue investment strategy could be further enhanced by changing it to operate as a lifestage model… Read more

Day One member and employer tools

There are new member and employer tools available on the Sanlam Umbrella Fund site that will be of interest to our supporting intermediaries. Read more