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Information circular (PF 2 of 2016) made it very clear that “boards of funds are reminded that they are legally obliged to ensure that they regularly communicate with their members and have sufficient and updated member details to comply with the relevant sections of the Act.” 

Since this circular was issued, the Board of Trustees of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund has initiated a number of projects to ensure their compliance with this directive.  Despite their and the Administrator’s best efforts, the personal contact details for many members are not on record yet.

As a consequence, many members are not contactable when a benefit comes due and payable to them and they may be unaware of all the options available to them.

The Fund’s communication strategy provides a number of innovative digital solutions that are aimed at ensuring members are educated to make informed decisions about their retirement planning and savings.  Members are only able to register and access these solutions if their personal contact details are on record with the Administrator.

Assurance: Protection of personal information

The Fund has adopted a code of conduct to ensure the protection of personal information as well as the protection of member privacy when it comes to electronic communications.  The personal contact details of members will only be used by the Fund to communicate essential fund member services.  It will not be made available to any other service provider for the purpose of marketing their services or products.  This means we will not flood members with irrelevant SMS’s and communication.

Contracted Benefit Consultants are requested to assist their clients with providing and maintaining members’ personal contact details to the Administrator.