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The Sanlam Umbrella Fund is committed to helping members improve their retirement outcomes. This is a mission we share with our intermediaries and employers.

A key strategy to improving outcomes is through education and empowering our members to use the tools available to them. To this end, the Sanlam Umbrella Fund launched the online Member Education Sessions called “Imali Zam” (My Money) sessions in 2021, aimed at enabling members to better understand their savings and benefits. The informative sessions cover topics such as:

  • How to read my benefit statement
  • How to update my nomination of beneficiary form
  • Understanding my risk benefits
  • How to access and use the Retirement Savings Calculator, and more…

Members can decide whether the topic is of interest to them and which sessions they plan to attend. We encourage our intermediaries and employers to support this education initiative and promote any session that they feel will be of particular interest to their members.

The next Imali Zam session is scheduled for 17 May 2022 and will focus on understanding the benefit statement. The benefit statement is a critical piece of information that provides members with a wholistic view of their retirement benefits. However, many members struggle to understand the content or do not know what the items described mean.

During the session, Members will also have an opportunity to ask questions about their benefits as well as accessing the Sanlam Member Portal.

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund will also invite members directly, where we have contact details. Members will need to register for the event, and a reminder email will be sent before the session.

Should you have any comments or queries, these can be addressed to your Client Relations Manager.

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