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The Sanlam Umbrella Fund previously communicated the FSCA requirements for Boards of Funds to make contact with Fund Members. Click here to view the previous communication. Subsequent to this, Policyholder Protection Rules have also made it a requirement for insurers to collect very specific member data to assist members with a seamless claims process. Although we have made good progress in obtaining members’ contact details since the initial request, this is an ongoing requirement.

Member contact details are used by the Fund’s Insurers for the purposes of:

  • underwriting a scheme,
  • administering and processing insurance claims,
  • paying client claims accurately and effectively; and
  • to implement digital initiatives which enhances operational efficiency.

The Administrator requires member contact details to be compliant with the FSCA directive, and this includes:

  • for the effective distribution of benefit statements,
  • invite members to Fund driven communication/education campaigns; and
  • to obtain additional information when a benefit becomes payable to the member.

Your Client Relations Manager may contact you in this regard, and Contracted Benefit Consultants are requested to assist their clients with providing and maintaining members’ personal contact details to the Administrator.