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The Sanlam Umbrella Fund has extended benefit counselling services to the following members:

  • Beneficiaries of members who have passed away in respect Group Life Insurance
  • Members receiving payments in respect of Lump Sum Disability Insurance or Critical illness Insurance

The objective is to ensure that the members and beneficiaries obtain the relevant information required and have access to financial advice that can help manage the benefit due to them via investment tools. This will ultimately enable better member outcomes.

The counsellors will contact the members / beneficiaries, to provide any Fund related information, and confirm whether the members / beneficiaries require financial advice. If the members / beneficiaries indicate that they would like to receive advice, they will be referred to the Contracted Financial Advisor (CFA) on record for the Participating Employer. Should the CFA not be able to assist  members / beneficiaries within 7 working days, an alternative advisor will be requested to assist.

Please contact your Client Relations Manager should you need any further information or assistance regarding this matter.