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The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has put the Sanlam Umbrella Fund insured benefits service providers under immense pressure on the processing and payment of some of the risk benefit claims. The number of claims submitted since the beginning of the pandemic has increased significantly, and the second wave has shown an even higher rate of death and funeral benefit claims.

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund and its insurers are committed to the best possible fulfilment of existing levels of service and have taken additional measures to assist in delivery of services. However, due to the influx of claims, and increased staff members affected by COVID, we may not always be able to meet our standard turnaround times on payment of claims. Immediate focus has been placed on ensuring that all funeral claims are paid within the 48 hour turnaround time specified in the service level contract.

We ask you during this time for your patience and understanding and assure you that the Sanlam Umbrella Fund continues to be fully engaged, responsible and accountable for ensuring service delivery and accessibility.