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One of the central debates at the 2013 Sanlam BENCHMARK Symposium was which industry stakeholder should be held accountable for South Africa’s poor retirement outcomes. Sanlam believes employers have a role to play in ensuring that their employees’ retire comfortably and should therefore accept greater responsibility in their employees’ retirement decisions. In line with the Sanlam Umbrella Fund’s communication strategy, financial advisers should continue to play an integral part in this process. Contracted Financial Advisers, on the Sanlam Umbrella Fund, have access to a variety of member education and communication items. This will assist advisers to positively influence member’s retirement decisions, helping them to reach their retirement goals. Infographic: Retirement crisis: Mistakes and realities Member newsletter: Feathering your nest egg English / Afrikaans Member news flash: What do you need to retire comfortably? English / Afrikaans Member e-mail: Click here Employer poster: Click here