Sanlam Group Risk (hereafter referred to as Sanlam) provides group insurance for qualifying employees of South African employers, who are physically present in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).  The arrangement includes:

  • RSA citizens that are employed or contracted by an RSA company or subsidiary; and
  • foreign nationals (including expatriates) employed or contracted by an RSA company or subsidiary.

Employees working for any foreign company, including citizens employed or contracted by a subsidiary of an RSA company in a foreign country, are therefore not covered in terms of our group risk policies as Sanlam is not licensed to offer insurance in foreign countries.

Group risk cover can be continued even if an insured employee (employed by the local company) travels outside RSA (on a temporary basis) or resides outside RSA on a permanent basis, subject to the following conditions:

  • Provided that the employee remains on the local payroll and premiums are paid continuously (on his/her behalf), he/she will remain covered at the same level of cover he/she enjoyed before the commencement of absence, for a maximum period of six (6) months from the date on which the said employee started working outside the RSA;
  • The values of premiums and benefit payments will remain in RSA’s currency; and
  • Benefit payments will only be paid into a RSA bank account held in the name of the beneficiary or employee.

Please note:  The Policyholder (i.e. the employer) must ensure that an individual employee that travels or resides in a foreign country is legally permitted, under the specific foreign country’s applicable laws, to be insured under a Sanlam group insurance policy, and have applied for the necessary permission from the relevant foreign authority (if required).

What if the employee has to work outside the RSA for longer than 6 months?

For extension of the employee’s cover after t 6 months, and before the end of each successive 12-month period thereafter, the employer must apply for an extension of the group insurance cover, provided that

  • The policyholder has written confirmation from the relevant authority that the employee working or residing in a specific foreign country, may remain covered under Sanlam’s group insurance policy (in terms of the foreign country’s applicable laws); and
  • Premiums are paid continuously in respect of the employees.

New conditions (if applicable) may apply on approval of the extension request. 

A completed application form is required for each of these employees indicating the following:

  • The country in which the insured employees are physically present;
  • Nature of their work responsibilities, and
  • The expected period of their stay in the relevant country.

How will the process for medical underwriting requirements be accommodated?

Sanlam will only accept medical reports from other countries in English.  We do however reserve the right to request additional information should the information provided not be complete or meet the minimum requirements.

How will the process for disability claims and the payment of monthly income disability instalments be accommodated?

Sanlam reserves the right to have the final assessment of disability claims done locally.  After we have admitted a claim for the payment of monthly income disability instalments, it may at any time thereafter, and as frequently as deemed necessary, require the disabled member to again submit medical evidence and other information to assess whether the employee/disabled member’s condition is still deemed totally disabled.

Please note:  Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary of the policy, no benefit will be paid in respect of an employee who resides or travels outside the RSA if he/she, as a result thereof, is unable to undergo suitable medical treatment.

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