The following changes have been implemented in our ongoing review of all existing processes:

Acceptance and Review

Following the changes to the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPR), taking effect from October last year, Sanlam Group Risk has been diligently at work to align our systems and processes to change not only how we communicate with policyholders, but also in the way our group risk insurance benefits and processes are managed from the first quotation to claim payments. 

The following changes have been incorporated:

  • To accept a quotation, the quotation document is signed and relevant information completed in the Acceptance: Additional Information required form.
  • To assist with understanding the requirements of the form, a Guide is available explaining the need for the information required, as well as incorporating the latest legislation and compliance requirements.
  • The current Revision letter is replaced with a Review letter that replaces all references to “revision” with “review” to align with policy wording, as well as aligning it to comply with the PPR’s.
  • It should also be noted that, in terms of the PPR’s, Sanlam may request proof that members of a group scheme was provided with appropriate information relating to the rate review, for the purpose of monitoring compliance with this legislation.

Territorial Limitations – Travelling & working outside the borders of RSA

Sanlam Group Risk provides cover for qualifying employees of RSA employers and members of RSA retirement funds, who are physically present in the RSA (for reference purposes, please refer clause ‘Territorial limitations’ in the policy). 

Cover can be granted to an employee who is physically outside RSA.  The following policy conditions apply to employees travelling & working abroad:

  • While physically outside the RSA for an uninterrupted period of 6 months or less, the group insurance remains applicable in respect of the employee for that period.
  • For extension of group risk insurance cover after 6 months (and to be repeated at the end of each 12 months thereafter), the employer must request, in writing, an extension on the period of insurance, provided that premiums are paid in respect of such employee/s, after which new conditions (if applicable) will apply.

To request cover to continue for employees/members of funds, travelling outside the borders of RSA for a period in excess of our territorial limitations, the Confirmation of travel outside the borders of RSA-form must be completed for such employees and submitted to for approval.

Sanlam website:  Group Risk benefits

In addition, the Sanlam website has been updated to make readily available the latest forms to policyholders – from new business forms, nomination forms, and application forms to claim forms: