In our ongoing review of all existing processes, the SGR Disability Claims team has reviewed the claim forms in an attempt to include the questions that generally result in the delay of the claims process.  

It is important to note that there is an accountability on all parties to complete the forms in as much detail as possible to ensure we meet the underlying objectives and as such any gaps in the forms that did not sufficiently cover the questions that would enable the SGR Disability Claims team to proceed with the assessment with all the relevant information, were addressed.  Changes also include updating the claims submission details (e-mail address has changed to and incorporating Policyholder Protection Rules requirements (e.g. enhanced claimant and employer contact details) to facilitate easier communication with both parties.

In addition, the forms were also updated to elicit information that will support our case management philosophy and return to work efforts.

The forms that have been updated include:

  • Declaration by employer;
  • Declaration by Insured; and
  • Confidential Medical Report (including the medical report guidelines).

Sanlam website:  Group Risk Benefits claim forms

In our previous newsletter (end of 2019) we confirmed the updates to the Sanlam website to make readily available the latest forms to policyholders – from new business forms, nomination forms, and application forms to claim forms.  The links however have changed as result of redefining the sections, i.e. ‘Institutional’ landing page has been renamed the ‘Corporate’ landing page; the updated links as follows: