Sanlam Group Risk has partnered with Sanlam Trust, a leading trust company in South Africa. Sanlam Trust offers expert management of estates and trusts, as well as a one-stop service to eliminate payment delays.

Education is a significant portion of most families’ monthly expenses.  The UEP benefit is designed to fund the actual educational fees: it assists with the payment of the tuition fees the employee was responsible for at date of death and would have become responsible for in the future.  The payment is made directly to the educational institution for all the deceased employee’s eligible children.

In addition to administering the annual UEP benefit payments, the Sanlam Guardian Trust will provide the following value-adding services from 1 January 2020:

One-stop service & security

This benefit provides employees with greater peace of mind whereby an expert service provider assists with the payment of eligible children’s annual education costs timeously, directly to the educational institution.

Once the initial claim has been processed, guardians are able to contact the call centre directly to arrange for the annual payment of education fees or for any assistance with related queries.

Countrywide access to Sanlam Trust

Sanlam’s Fiduciary Services can be accessed, via any Sanlam office and Client Walk-in Centres.  When submitting a UEP claim or any other supporting documents, this can be done by using their facilities to fax or e-mail, or to call the provider directly when wanting to submit a UEP claim or supporting documents.

Beneficiary ID-cards

A card with a unique trust number per beneficiary, will be issued detailing the relevant contact information, thereby ensuring guardians will know who to contact for annual claims submission.


Dial-A-Teacher provides learners with support for homework and school projects, including telephonic tutoring, sourcing of information, as well as career and exam guidance.

Learners, between the ages of 9 and 18 have access to qualified teachers/tutors that can provide assistance with homework, school projects, career guidance and exam guidance in their home language.

Operating hours will be Monday to Thursday from 18:00 – 21:00.

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For more information, please speak to your Sanlam Corporate representative.