Sanlam Employee Benefits is pleased to introduce the new and improved EB portal to you, offering centralised online access to the Sanlam products on your portfolio and various other benefits. As part of our digital journey we are now moving Human Resources to the EB Portal.

You will login the same way as you currently do, but will be redirected to the EB Portal landing page. The new EB Portal has a “RFW” button at the bottom for HRs to click through to the old RFW site to perform month end processes.

The EB Portal offers the following benefits:

  • Claims Status Report
  • Number of active members and age profile statistics
  • Direct member search and member details
  • Member movement (new and leaving members)
  • Bulk or individual Benefit statements for a specific period (up to 24 months) – the same look and feel as the annual printed benefit statements
  • Membership certificates – the same look and feel as annual printed statements
  • Real time reporting
  • Quick link to News Portal including Consultant Toolkit, SEB Insight magazine and others
  • Investment returns for periods 3 months to 5 years – including pdf download functionality
  • Quick link to resources like the EB Manual with online search functionality

Click here to go to the new EB Portal.