Sanlam provides each group scheme with a medical proof-free limit, so employees on the scheme whose insurance cover is below this limit don’t need to provide medical evidence of good health in order to be insured.

However, when an employee’s potential cover exceeds this medical proof- free limit, they’re required to provide medical evidence of good health before they can enjoy the balance of cover that exceeds the medical proof-free limit.

“Experience has shown that more than 50% of employees whose potential cover exceed the medical proof-free limit don’t submit to medical testing.  In such cases, the employee’s group cover is limited to the medical proof-free limit as stipulated by the scheme”, explains Michele Jennings, CEO of Sanlam Group Risk.

For accident-related claims, the new Accident Booster for Life and Disability insurance pays an employee’s full potential cover amount if the benefit has been restricted to the medical proof-free limit as a result of failure to provide medical evidence of good health.

This means that the assessment of whether an employee qualifies for his/her full potential cover, based on medical evidence, does not restrict the claim amount in the case of a claim that resulted from an accident.

In practice, this feature will be a standard addition to the Group Life, Lump Sum Disability and Income Disability insurance policies and will automatically apply provided that:

–       The individual employee is up to date with premium payments on their full potential cover

–       The employee’s death or disability occurred within six months of an accident, i.e. an unexpected event not related to an illness or disease.

You can view the Accident Booster website via the following link, Accident Booster Benefit For more information on Sanlam Group Risk’s new Accident Booster Benefit, follow the link Sanlam Accident Booster Brochure