Umbrella Chat 3

Umbrella Chat 3 addresses the things that you can do today to ensure a healthy retirement.Read more

December 2015 version of The Fund in Detail

We are releasing herewith the December 2015 version of The Fund in Detail document. It includes the new In-Fund product offerings. The updates to the new version have also been summarised in the document below.Summary...

What to make of volatility in share prices

In the light of the very volatile investment markets in recent months, we thought it would be appropriate to ask our Fund’s appointed investment consultants for their thoughts.Read more

Results of the Independent Trustee election

As you know, the Sanlam Umbrella Fund is one of only a few commercial umbrella funds that allow members to elect 50% of the Board of Trustees. During 2015 we had our fourth such election. The Fund’s Principal...

The Volatility Protection Strategy

The 2015 Trustee Report mentions that one of the identified actions for next year is to review the Volatility Protection Strategy with the aim of identifying possible improvements to benefit members.The following...