We hereby update our clients with important information regarding the 2018 rate review for the Sanlam Umbrella Pension Fund and the Sanlam Umbrella Provident Fund.

The 2018 effective date for these funds will be 1 April and not 1 March as is normally the case.  This change in date follows requests from our supporting intermediaries for a larger window to accommodate their consultation process with clients.

Thus the new fees and rates apply from 1 April 2018 and the necessary changes will be reflected on the participating employers’ April 2018 monthly expected contribution schedules.

Consultants and participating employers will receive their relevant communication according to the following time line:

26 January – E-mail communication to all Contracted Benefit Consultants and Contracted Financial Advisers with their own clients’ revision information

16 February – E-mail communication to every participating employer with their own revision information

We are pleased to announce a decrease in the Contingency Reserve Account levies for the Sanlam Umbrella Pension fund and the Sanlam Umbrella Provident Fund, which will be implemented from 1 March 2018.  Read more here.