A beginner’s guide to investing for retirement

Investing and planning for retirement is something which doesn’t come naturally to many of us. By virtue of your membership in a retirement fund, you are already on your way to investing for your...

Improved web access for members

Sanlam Employee Benefits is moving with the times and our retirement fund members now have access to a renewed online experience…Read more

T-Day: 1 March 2016

A lot of uncertainty prevails in the industry regarding the new taxation laws (T-Day) that was implemented on 1 March 2016. Some of the provisions in respect of T-Day are going ahead for 1 March 2016 and others have...

Umbrella funds ARE viable

The retirement fund landscape has seen massive growth of the umbrella fund market over the past few years…Read more as published in Business Brief on 1 December 2015

Cancellation of Tax Directives

SARS issued a letter to the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa cautioning against the cancellation of tax directives…Read more