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Stand-alone fund administration

This quarterly news update contains valuable information for board of trustees, employers, intermediaries and other stakeholders in the stand-alone retirement fund space.

Administration Updates

An alternative to in-fund preservation

When an employee leaves their place of employment (but does not retire), it is important to give them every opportunity to preserve their retirement savings.

Individual Member Support

The aim of Retirement Benefits Counselling is to improve the outcomes for members by giving them access to the options they have available when withdrawing or retiring from a fund.

News and Information

The 2021 Budget Speech Summary

The 2021 National Budget comes as South Africa prepares for the biggest vaccination programme in its history. The Budget Speech Summary provides insights on how it will affect you.

POPIA Communication

The fund and all its stakeholders such as employers, contracted benefit consultants and insurers will have to comply with the new requirements of POPIA from 30 June 2021. In the course of the next few months we will communicate with you the adjustments and tweaks we will make to our contracts, forms, processes and procedures.