T-day update

We can now confirm that the Taxation Laws Amendment Act, 2013 will come into effect on 1 March 2016 and that T-day is going ahead. Based on this, Sanlam is proceeding with the implementation of the T-day provisions and...

Repair the disconnect through communication

The Sanlam Benchmark Survey has highlighted the fact that the typical South African employee does not engage with their retirement funding journey until it is too late

Understanding the differences between saving and investing

Why South Africans should do more than just save their money.With one of the lowest savings rates in the world according to the South African Reserve Bank, a greater focus has been placed on encouraging ordinary...

Acsis arrangement: reduction of fees

An important aim of the umbrella fund concept is to deliver cost savings to members via the creation of economies of scale benefits.Read more

Closure of SIM Managed Moderate Fund of Funds

As you are aware, the Investment Sub-committee of the Board of Trustees periodically reviews the approved investment menu available to clients with a view to improving the Sanlam Umbrella Fund’s overall value...