The Sanlam Umbrella Fund aims to provide its members with a holistic value proposition that includes retirement solutions and non-financial and healthcare solutions.

Our members’ health is a priority. Therefore, we are proud to launch the Sanlam Virtual Doctor facility. Through this facility, members of the Fund will have access to free and convenient consultation with a doctor or nurse online.

We understand that members may not always have the time to visit a healthcare professional or have easy or affordable access to a doctor. The Sanlam Virtual Doctor will give members of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund access to healthcare at the click of a button from virtually anywhere.

Getting in touch with a healthcare professional when you need it shouldn’t be difficult. Members will now have access to a nurse or General Practitioner directly from the Sanlam Corporate Member Portal or Sanlam My Retirement App – free of charge. This means that healthcare is available to all our members, even those without medical aid, without waiting.

Members will also receive referral letters or prescriptions for medication immediately via email. All engagements are strictly confidential.

Early consultation and preventative care ensure that your members are healthier, happier and more motivated. So let us help you look after your team by promoting this facility and share this member communication with your staff.