Welcome to the Sanlam Corporate News Portal

Welcome to the Sanlam Corporate News Portal

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Update: Changes to Unapproved Policies

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund Insured Benefits Committee communicated changes to the definition of “beneficiary” as contained in Schedule 2 of the Insurance Act 18 of 2017 in the June 2021 Toolkit. This article contains the update of the unapproved policy.

Notice of Endorsement to the Unapproved Group Risk Insurance Umbrella Policy

Notice is hereby given to all the employers participating in the Sanlam Umbrella Pension or Provident Fund that provide unapproved insurance benefits for their employees, which are insured by either Sanlam Life Insurance Limited (Sanlam), Absa Life (Absa) or Capital Alliance Life Limited (Capital Alliance) that the policy has been updated.