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Sanlam Umbrella Fund Consultant Toolkit

This monthly toolkit is a communication channel between the Sanlam Umbrella Fund trustees, the Fund’s Administrator and supporting intermediaries. It contains all Fund related information and updates that intermediaries will require.

Fund Updates

Update: Changes to Unapproved Policies

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund Insured Benefits Committee communicated changes to the definition of “beneficiary” as contained in Schedule 2 of the Insurance Act 18 of 2017 in the June 2021 Toolkit. This article contains the update of the unapproved policy.

Sanlam Virtual Doctor

Our members’ health is a priority. Therefore, we are proud to launch the Sanlam Virtual Doctor facility. Through this facility, members of the Fund will have access to free and convenient consultation with a doctor or nurse online.

Industry Updates

Reassessing risk

Independent Sanlam Umbrella Fund Trustee, Jolly Mokorosi, believes trustees should reassess how we view risk in terms of our own academic matrices and what risk means to the members of the retirement funds they serve.

Save and live with financial confidence

When you find yourself in a tough spot financially and you see no way forward, the temptation is to dip into retirement funds. We believe that this should be avoided at all costs. Even more tempting, is withdrawing more than you need from your retirement savings. We believe this should be avoided if at all possible.