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The effects of T-Day on the Sanlam Umbrella Fund

We unpack the details of how T-Day will affect the Sanlam Umbrella Fund and inform you what the trustees’ plans are to ensure the Fund complies with the new taxation legislation from 1 March 2016… Read...

T-Day: 1 March 2016

It is true that provident funds rules at retirement will change to become the same as pension funds. But nothing changes when you withdraw before retirement. We have unpacked T-Day for you in the below documents:...


The goal of providing a single, consolidated, client-facing portfolio view is getting one step closer soon, when the service expands to include Sanlam Employee Benefits’ products… Read more

Rushing to resign

Pension and provident fund insurance outfits say they will know only next month if they will have to pay out large sums to members… Read more as published in Saturday Star on 23 January 2016

Umbrella funds ARE viable

The retirement fund landscape has seen massive growth of the umbrella fund market over the past few years… Read more as published in Business Brief on 1 December 2015