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As part of a recent administration project, we requested participating employers who offer Spouse’s Life insurance as one of the components under the Fund, to supply updated information relating to employee spouses. 

We are currently in the process of a system development that will enable us to detect when a spouse no longer qualifies for the Spouse’s Life insurance.  Until such time as the development is completed, we unfortunately are relying on participating employers to inform us when a spouse no longer qualifies for the Spouse’s Life insurance and therefore needs to be removed for the purpose of collecting premiums.

Spouse’s insurance ceases at the earlier of the member’s Normal Retirement Age or attainment of age 70, the death of the member, the exit of the member from the Fund, in the event of divorce, or the spouse’s attainment of age 70 or when the spouse no longer meets the definition of spouse as defined in the Fund in Detail document, page 13.

Supporting consultants are kindly requested to ensure their clients are aware of the importance of providing updated information related to employee spouses to their Client Relations Managers.