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Empowering Insights For Generations to come

It has been 37 years when the Sanlam Benchmark research was founded. The Sanlam Benchmark Symposium is one of the most important events on the annual calendar of the retirement funding industry as the latest Sanlam Benchmark research insights are openly shared with a view to enabling stakeholders to improve retirement outcomes.

Sanlam Benchmark: umbrella fund research and results

This is an exciting year for us at Sanlam because we celebrated our centenary on 8 June 2018. We are particularly pleased that the Sanlam Benchmark survey has been running for 37 years of the company’s lifespan. Read more on the results of the umbrella fund research.

Why haven’t we had this before?

Amendments to the Pensions Fund Act, which have generally become known as ‘the default regulations’, place a number of new requirements on fund trustees.

Millennials most at risk of poor retirement outcomes

Millennials – individuals born between 1981 and 1996 – are most at risk of achieving poor retirement outcomes, as this group tends to change jobs more frequently than previous generations and generally cash out their retirement benefits when they do.