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2021 Year End Chairman’s Message

David Gluckman highlights some of the key developments since the launch of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund in 2008 and talks to the long term vision.

2022 Annual Revision Process update

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund usually revises administration fees, group insurance premium rates and contingency reserve account levies on 1 April of each year. This communication summarises the plans for the 2022 annual revision.

Updates from our Insurers

Read more on the conditions for group risk cover for employees travelling or residing outside South Africa, Flexible Life Insurance and the Universal Education Protector benefit.

Request for members’ contact details

Client Relations Managers will be engaging our Contracted Benefit Consultants and Participating Employers in an effort to obtain member data.

Make your money work for you

Whether you share household income and expenses or are single, setting a budget can help you manage your spending and achieve your financial goals. Remember, it's never a bad thing to seek advice.